16 Best Cat Foods for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

Older cats are at risk for bad teeth. As cats age, they are prone to the same dental problems humans experience. Dry cat food can help scrape plaque away, as can chew treats. Brushing your cat’s teeth can help as well. But by the time a cat is a senior, it is likely to develop … Read more

The 8 Best Cat Trees for Older Cats

You’re in the market for a cat tree or condo. You probably already know that there is no shortage of choices available. The vast majority, though, are essentially alike: a few platforms on a (usually tippy) post, made of heavy cardboard and covered in cheap beige or grey carpet. They may have a cave or … Read more

The Best Bedding for Outside Cats

If you have a soft heart for outside cats, you have probably wondered how you can help them. Cats are fairly well adapted for life outside, but finding shelter that is safe, warm and dry isn’t easy. Providing appropriate bedding for outside cats is a good way to help, but it’s important to choose the … Read more

How Do I Keep My Cat From Getting Bored?

How Do I Keep My Cat From Getting Bored

Entertainment is good and healthy for your cat. Cats can be fun to play with, but unfortunately, we live in a busy world, and you may not always be there to play with them. Cats are curious creatures, and this makes them attracted to a lot of things that could keep them occupied for hours. … Read more

How to Choose Clothing for Your Cat

How to Choose Clothing for Your Cat

Whether you are a cat lover or your friend has a few, and their birthday is coming up, choosing the right clothing for your cat depends on a couple of factors. What you should understand is that cats are not huge lovers of wearing anything other than their own fur. Bearing this in mind, you … Read more

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Deciding on a gift for your friend, family member, or partner is not always the easiest thing, mostly because the choices offered everywhere has never been bigger. Still, as long as your focus on the gift you give them is thoughtful and sweet, there is nothing to worry about. Focusing on giving them something that … Read more

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