9 Best Cat Window Perches and Beds

Cats Love Windows.

Anyone who has a cat knows how much they love to look out the window.

The inspiration to find your cat a lovely new window perch may come from a number of places. Maybe you just moved into a new house or apartment and want to ease what you know is a difficult transition for your pet. Or maybe you just brought a new furbaby into your home, and you’re eager to give kitty a good home in every way. Perhaps you’ve decided your indoor/outdoor cat needs to transition to indoor full time, and you want to offer as much stimulation as you can.

Regardless of the reason for your inspiration, offering your cat a window into the outside world is priceless. This is because cats are predators, so their eyes are drawn to motion. Whether you’re in the city, the suburbs or the country, there’s always something going on outside to catch and hold your cat’s attention. And if you’re really lucky, you even have a window with some sun streaming in! Kitty bliss!

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The Three Kinds of Window Perches and Beds

Window perches and beds come in three basic types:

  • Suspended Platform
  • Attached Pod
  • Base-Supported

Suspended Platform Perch

Suspended window perches are supported from above with cords attached to suction cups. This kind of window perch isn’t a bed, but rather more of a platform—a flat place where your cat can rest and view the world outside. The platform is usually made of a tough fabric in a frame and suspended from a wire cable.

Pros – Perhaps the biggest benefit of  suspended window perches is the fact that they can be placed higher up the window than base-supported perches. You might want the perch higher for a number of reasons. For example, you might want to place your cat’s perch higher up the window to give kitty a better view. Or you might want your kitty to be higher up so she can feel safe from intruders from below. Or perhaps you want to give your cat more exercise by requiring him to jump to his window bed. Furthermore, a suspended perch doesn’t require a window ledge. And no hardware is needed to attach a suspended perch, so assembly is a breeze!

Cons – Because suspended perches are usually placed partway up the window, they may prevent you from lowering a window shade or blinds. Some models will fold flat against the window, but not all of them. Another possible drawback is the fact that you have to rely on the strength of the suction cups. If your window or the suction cup isn’t squeaky clean, the seal won’t be very good. Another consideration is the fact that, while the perch gives your pet a lovely view out the window, it will actually block your view. Finally, suspended perches prevent your window from being opened.

Attached Pod Bed 

A pod window perch is really a cozy den attached to the window with suction cups. They often are made of a felted material with a removable bed pad included.

Pros – It’s a cozy den with a window view. There is room for a padded nest inside the pod.

Cons – It might be tricky to get into. Some pods are enclosed with a hole in the side for entry. Even the open ones (like the one pictured here) are more difficult to get into than a shelf perch. But for an agile cat, that would be okay. It also would block a large part of the window. It prevents shades or blinds from being lowered. And they tend to be pretty pricey.


Base-Supported Perch Bed

Base-supported cat window perches and beds are propped up from below. They basically are shelves that rest on the window ledge and have supports against the wall below.

Pros – Base-supported window perches have many benefits. For instance, they can usually accommodate a cat bed, so your kitty can lounge in comfort. Many of them are padded, so even without the addition of a bed, they are pretty comfy. Furthermore, the padded perches come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can coordinate with your room’s decor and even add a splash of color.  When installed properly, they are very stable and secure, giving both you and your pet peace of mind. This stability also means kitty will have an easier time jumping onto her perch. Another benefit is that base-supported perches typically can hold much more weight than suspended perches. Finally, base-supported window perches and beds don’t interfere with your ability to lower a shade or blinds.

Cons – Many base-support shelf perches require a minimum depth of window ledge to rest upon. Therefore, depending on the depth of your window ledge, you may not be able to use certain base-supported perches. Not every perch requires the same depth of ledge, so it’s important to measure your ledge and read the specifications for the bed perch. Base-supported perches are a bit trickier to install. They will require assembly—some more than others—and may require tools. They also need free space below the window to make rooms for the support beams, so again, measure your wall and read the specifications of the product. They usually won’t fit more than one cat. They usually are low enough that other critters like dogs, kids, or other kitties might be able to reach the perch and make your cat feel less relaxed and secure.

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Things to Consider Before Shopping

  • Do you have enough space? For a suspended window perch, you just need to make sure the window is tall enough. For a base-supported shelf, you will need to measure the depth and width of your sill, the wall area below the window.
  • How much weight will have to be supported? Make sure to consider whether multiple cats might use the perch together. This is more of a factor for suspended perches.
  • Will it bust your budget?  Suspended and base-supported perches are less expensive than pods.
  • Do you need to be able to pull down blinds or shades?  Many perches and beds, particularly the ones suspended against the window, don’t allow for the lowering of window coverings without removing the perch first.
  • Do you want the perch to double as a bed? Does your kitty sack out just about anywhere, or does she always seek out a soft and cozy place to nap? Maybe you’re just interested in giving your pet a good, interesting view.
  • What style of perch would work best with your particular window? Perches that are supported from below require room on the wall directly below the window. Some of them hook onto the window ledge and are braced against the wall below, whereas others are fixed against the wall using screws. And some lower-support beds require a minimum depth of window ledge. Old-fashioned windows are divided into panes by strips of wood called muntins. The muntins might get in the way of one or more suction cups if you’re going for a suspended perch, box or pod.

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Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Purchase

  • If possible, choose a south-facing window. That will give your cat the greatest amount of sunlight.
  • Hang a bird feeder outside close to the window, or even attached to the outside of the window.
  • Wash the suction cups and window surface thoroughly with soap and warm water and/or a glass cleaner.
  • Warm up the suction cups before applying for the best seal.
  • For screw-down suction cups, be sure to read and follow the instructions.
  • For window-sill beds, be sure to measure where hook-and-loop tape or screws should go for a proper fit.
  • To achieve a level and symmetrical look for a suspended perch, measure the suction cup locations and/or use a carpentry level. If you don’t have a carpentry level, try setting a small ball on the perch and see if it rolls in either direction.
  • Pay attention to the area around the perch. Be sure that there isn’t anything breakable or potentially dangerous to your pet when she jumps up and down.

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Our Top Picks for You

All of the perches and beds below pass our standards for quality, safety, and functionality. Read the features carefully when making your choice, and you and your kitty will be happy with their new window perch in no time!

Suspended Perches and Beds

Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch 

The Kitty Cot perch is held up by four large patented suction cups, made in the USA. The Small, Medium and Large sizes have a frame made from PVC pipes, while the Deluxe has a 1/4 inch steel frame. The perch is suspended by support cables made from rugged 1/8 inch stainless steel. We love the fact that the slender support cables are visually unobtrusive, unlike other suspended beds that have thicker, unattractive hanging cables or straps.

The Deluxe model allows blinds and shades to be pulled without removing the perch. The cables can be unclipped from the top suction cups, so that the perch will lie flat against the window behind the shade or blind.

Comes in 4 sizes:

  • Small: Measures 19-1/2″ wide (from outside to outside of suction cups) x 14″ deep. Holds up to 25 pounds of cat.
  • Medium: Measures 22-1/2″ wide (from outside to outside of suction cups) x 14″ deep. Holds up to 25 pounds of cat.
  • Large: Measures 25-1/2″ wide (from outside to outside of suction cups) x 14″ deep. Holds up to 25 pounds of cat.
  • Deluxe: 25-1/2″ wide (from outside to outside of suction cups) x 12″ deep. Holds up to 25 pounds of cat.

BobbyPet Cat Window Perch 

  • Easily folds against window so blinds or shades can be drawn
  • Plush hammock fabric is soft and comfortable
  • Durable metal frame
  • 3.3 inch screw-tightened suction cups will hold even the largest cat
  • 12″ x 22.8″ size is large enough for two cats to snuggle

K&H Pet Products Two-Level Window Perch

  • Two levels can accommodate two cats and make more interest and fun
  • A hole in the roof gives fun access to the second floor
  • Suction cups hold up to 100 lbs.
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Foldable to allow blinds, shades and curtains
  • Soft plush cover is removable for easy washing

LIFIS Double Layer Cat Window Perch

  • Holds up to 55 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 23″ long x 14″ deep. From top level to suction cup is 14″
  • Strong metal frame
  • Screw-down extra secure suction cups – Be sure to follow installation directions.
  • Plush pads are removable for easy washing
  • Hole in the roof allows fun access to the top level
  • Space between levels adjustable 11″-13″ to accommodate different sized cats.
  • Unhook straps to fold perch flat against window so blinds or curtains can be drawn.

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Base-Supported Perches and Beds

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Window Bed – Heated/Unheated

Requirements: The bed requires a minimum 2″ sill. It attaches to the sill using hook-and-loop tape or with screws. The attractively curved support beams rest against the wall below without requiring fasteners.

Several features make this bed rise up above the competition:

  • The bed includes a detachable bolster for comfort and security.
  • The padded bed is removable for easy laundering.
  • The included removable heating pad slips beneath the pad’s cover for cozy warmth
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 24″ oval sleeping surface. Legs extend 8″ below bed.

LSAIFATER Lower Support Safety Iron Cat Window Perch

  • Iron and steel construction for a safe and secure perch
  • Suction cups will hold up to 50 lbs.
  • Size Large Dimensions: 24.4″ long x 11.8″ wide. Vertical distance between suction cups 12.6″. Unfortunately, the dimensions for size Medium are not listed.
  • Base-supported/suction cup design allows perch to be placed at top of window
  • Removable fabric hammock is machine washable
  • Easily folds against window so blinds or shade can be drawn
  • Comes in three colors: Brown, Gold, and Grey
  • Can be mounted with the hammock at sill level with supports attaching to wall below

JOYO Cat Pine Wood Window Perch

  • Attractive Genuine Pine Bed
  • Ideal for small windows that won’t fit most perches
  • Much more durable than other plastic or metal frames
  • Soft, comfortable carpet will stand up to claws
  • Gentle curve cradles  your pet
  • Strong metal supports
  • Screw-on suction cups for extra support. Be sure to follow installation instructions.
  • Holds 40 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16.9″ long x 11.4″ wide x 12.2″ tall

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Pod Style Window Perches and Beds

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Pod, Heated/Unheated

  • Comes in two styles and sizes: 1) Heated, Extra Deep and 2) Unheated with Cat Face Design
  • Includes “The Amazin’ Kitty Pad,” which radiates your cat’s body heat for a toasty warm bed and traps fur and dander.
  • Suction cups hold up to 60 lbs.
  • The heated version includes a removable 4 watt heater. Exceeds USA/CA electrical safety standards.
  • Dimensions: 27 x 11 x 14 inches
  • Open top allows easy entrance and gives kitty a 360° view of the world.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod 27″ x 20″ Kitty Sill

  • Dimensions: 25.15 x 19.3 x 8.6 inches
  • Comes in Green or Tan
  • Includes “The Amazin’ Kitty Pad,” which radiates your cat’s body heat for a toasty warm bed and traps fur and dander.
  • The bubble window allows kitty to keep an eye on interesting goings-on indoors.
  • Suction cups hold up to 60 lbs.
  • Entrances on both ends of the bed ensure that your cat won’t feel cornered and can easily jump in and out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats like to look out windows, anyway?

First and foremost, cats like to look out the window because cats are predators. The vast majority of predators find their prey by sight—that’s why most predators’ eyes face forward. Prey animals, on the other hand, tend to have eyes on the sides of their head, so that they can see as many directions as possible to avoid predators. Think of birds, for example, or rabbits. Their eyes are situated to the sides. Dogs, cats, and yes, even humans, have their eyes facing forward, so that they can focus in on their specific target.

Back to cats and windows. Predators in the wild don’t have the luxury of being fed on a regular schedule. They always have to be alert for a potential meal, or they won’t survive. Our pets do have their food provided for them, but they are still creatures of instinct, and instinct demands that they seek out movement. While a prey animal welcomes quiet and lack of motion, a predator finds such an environment unsettling. How are they going to survive in an atmosphere devoid of the movement of prey?

Which window should I put my cat perch in?

Most houses and apartments have more than one window, so which one is best? The first priority is the best view. And we’re not talking about a mountain vista. For all of the reasons cited above, the most important feature your kitty’s new perch should offer is an exciting array of movement. Even if it’s nothing more than watching the comings and goings of the apartment building across the street—and maybe even some pigeons across the way—activity is the most important feature. Don’t despair if you don’t have a window with tons of activity. You’d be surprised at the things your cat will notice and find interesting.

Now, if you have a sunny window, that obviously is a lovely bonus. Cats love to soak in the lovely heat of the sun, especially in the winter months. A south facing window is best if you’re in the northern hemisphere. Think about it—the sun is strongest at the equator, which is to the south. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, north facing is best, for the same reason. And if you’re quite near the equator, there isn’t much difference.

You might notice that the lighting in your windows changes depending on the time of year. Our sliding glass door faces south, and in the summer time, it has a nice bit of sun. But in the winter—well, then it’s at its best! The angle of the sun is just right to bathe a great swath of floor with warm golden light, and our cats sure do love to soak it in.

If you don’t have windows on the south side of the house, just notice when an east or west window catches the light. And if you don’t have an especially good window for direct sunlight, that’s okay. Remember, it’s just a bonus. What is really important to your furbaby is movement. If you’re really lucky, you’ll have more than one ideal window and can offer your kitty more than one perch!

What style of cat window perch or bed is best?

The best style of perch or bed depends on a number of factors.

Is the window you’ve selected one which you regularly open and close? If so, then a base-supported window may be best, preferably one that rests on the window sill. A base-supported perch that attaches to the lower window might work, as long as it’s okay with kitty that the perch might be higher at one time than another.

Do you ever want to cover the window? Those of us who live in an area where people can see into our dwelling will appreciate the need to cover the window at times, especially at night. Whether you cover your window with curtains, shades, or blinds, it will be important to select a style of perch or bed that allows you to cover the window without a lot of hassle.

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