Welcome to Purry Friends!

We’re a family-run cat site just for you, and just like you, we love our cats. Meet Snowflake, Sylvester, and Sweetheart! Snowflake is our gentle giant, Sylvester is our lovable rascal, and Sweetheart is just like her name, though she can be prickly at times. She was an alley cat before she came to us, so no surprise there!

Every wonderful cat we have been honored to welcome into our lives has been a special little creature, each with a unique personality. We understand that different cats love different things, have their own quirks, and their own unique needs.

We’re here to help you be the best cat guardians you can be, and to help you and your pet have a wonderful life together. We’d like to be your source for useful information about the cats we all love, to help you find the right toy, the right bed, climbing tree, the right carrier—whatever your pet needs. 

We’d love to hear from you—what you love about your cats, about your pet’s needs, and the kinds of things that could help. It’s our mission to help our fellow cat lovers create a safe and loving home for their beloved pets.

Linda, Sean, and our cat whisperer daughter, Hermione

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