Eight Best Cat Toys For Home Alone Cats

Do you have to leave your cat home alone more than you would like? Maybe the demands of your job even mean being away for days at a time. All of us have experienced the guilt of having to leave our cat alone, and the worry that we are not doing all we can to keep our pet safe and happy.

Cat lovers know that their fur-babies are just as attached to their guardians as dogs are, and just like dogs, cats become lonely and bored when their people are away at work. How do you know if your pet is unhappy? There are signs you can look for. Is your cat acting out when you’re not home? Scratches on moulding, shredded furniture, urinating outside the box, and other headaches that greet you when you get home—all are signs that your pet is missing you and needs your help.

So you want to find something to keep your pet happy and add fun to their day. The problem is, most stores are filled with home alone products for dogs, but it’s nearly impossible to find good toys for cat owners who want to keep their beloved pets happy when they are left alone.

The good news is, we’ve done the looking for you. We looked for toys with the following qualities: 1) The toy should have a Home Alone Smart Cycle feature: it will run for a short time, sleep for a while, then start up again for more play. 2) The toy should stimulate and satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts. 3) The toy should be of highest quality.

Here are eight of the best toys we’ve found, at the best values.

Electronic Multi-Speed Interactive Laser-Feather Spinning Toy



Interactive Automatic Rocking, Rotating Laser and Feather Cat Toy with Smart Auto-Wake Home Alone Function

Interactive LED Laser Cat Toy with Home Alone Smart Sleep-Wake Cycle Function

Automatic Rolling Ball with Bell Dangle with Smart Cycle for Home Alone Cats



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