Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Deciding on a gift for your friend, family member, or partner is not always the easiest thing, mostly because the choices offered everywhere has never been bigger. Still, as long as your focus on the gift you give them is thoughtful and sweet, there is nothing to worry about.

Focusing on giving them something that would be related to their main interests is your bet best. Is that person a cat lover? If the answer is yes, it’s your lucky day as we will be presenting more than a few great gift ideas for people who love their feline friends. Whether you decide to go ahead and get them a nice shirt with a whiskers print, or an accessory such as a phone case that they will have great use for, they are sure to love it.

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This sort of gift doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy — as long as it features some kind of a cat print, and it is an item that you know they will have use for or love, you have done it right. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right to the best gift ideas for cat lovers.

Top Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

An Attractive Cat Phone Case

One of the best gift ideas there is getting your friend a phone case that has a cat print on it. Consider that there are hundreds of different offers on the market and try to find the one that suits your partner/friend/family member according to the color they like as well as a model of phone that they are using.

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Cat Ears Headphones

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pair of headphones? While these don’t have to be anything great performance-wise, getting them an extra pair of headphones that are designed like cat ears is something that you will not regret. This is a gift that they will both have a practical use for and enjoy looking at the same time. Go ahead, do some research, and be sure to find the ideal pair of headphones for them.LIMSON USB Charging Wired Folding Stereo Music Earphone Kids Cat Ear Flashing Pink Headphones for Girls

Cat Ear Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headset with LED Light Foldable Stereo Earphone with Mic for PC Computer Mobile Phone

Whiskers Mug

If they are both a coffee and a cat person, then a mug with cat-related prints on it is just the perfect choice. Their coffee-drinking routine will become extraordinary, and we are sure to tell you that they will keep it as a decoration as well on top of their main shelf. The mugs shown below feature a 3D relief of white or black cats, and the mugs come in an assortment of colors.

3D Relief Cat Coffee Mug with Lid and Spoon Love Kitty Ceramic Water Tea Cup Wedding Gift Blue and Black 400ml


Cozy Cat Slippers

Much like headphones, a good pair of slippers is something that we all need. Nothing is cozier than putting on a cozy pair of slippers at home (or at the office, depending on office policies of course). For you cat lovers, a cozy pair of slippers with a cat design is just the thing.

Women Men Home Cat Slippers Winter Warm Flip Flop Shoes Cartoon Girls Cute Non-slip Warm Indoors Bedroom Floor Shoes Slippers

Cute Wine Glasses

While cats and wine may not go that well together at first thought, cat-designed wine glasses sure do. Getting the person you love a set of these wine glasses will make evenings better. And while we are at it we recommend you get them a lovely Tooarts Cat Wine Rack.

A DIY Drawing

If they enjoy art and maybe even pick up the drawing/painting set themselves from time to time, getting them something like the Chenistory DIY Frameless Cat Drawing is a creative idea. Not only will it be a great decoration for their main wall, but also something they can sit down and enjoy after a hard-working day.

A Cat-Face Tote Bag

Once again, name a single person that wouldn’t have great use out of a tote bag? Whether they will carry it for shopping or on a beach, a tote bag that has a bunch of cat faces printed on it is just wow! It is affordable, cool, and the perfect item for combining practical use and great design! While the market offers many different models, our personal favorite is the New Cartoon Cats Printed Canvas Tote Bag.

Pro-Cats T-Shirt

As we suggested above, a nice clothing piece is always a thoughtful and loving gift. Does your friend get into heated debates over whether it is better to have a cat or a dog? While we think both are great, they will love a shirt that has all the arguments in favor of a feline friend. Thus, getting them one will surely go a long way towards the final result of any debate they engage into.

Cat-Inspired Apron

Chances are the person you are aiming the gift for spends a lot of time in the kitchen, either preparing meals for themselves or their cute feline friend. So, getting them something like the Funny Cat Apron shouldn’t go wrong. An item of this kind will protect them from getting all messy during the cooking process, and lift up their mood due to the funny cat-inspired design that they will always be able to look at.

A Comfy Neck Pillow

Another great option is to invest in a cat-design neck pillow. Proper neck support for sleeping during travel trips is something that everyone needs, and as this one features a cat design, it will undoubtedly become the favorite for your friend/partner family member. Comfortable and attractive is all it needs to be for them to love it!

A Cat Shaker Bottle

Our personal recommendation is that you go ahead and look for shaker/water bottles that are made out of bamboo or other recyclable material and feature a cat print on it. Not only will you be saving the environment but also gifting your friend an item that is really handy for when on the go.

A Cat Carrier

Talking about being on foot and traveling, they might want to take their feline friend for a trip but don’t have what is needed to do so. Well, that’s why you are thereby investing in something like Pet Cat Carrier you will allow them to take their feline comrade wherever they go!

Cat-Face Pajamas

Let’s face it — everyone likes to sleep, and if your friend does it as much their cat, then these pajamas are an ideal choice. Look for the ones that are made out of fleece material as it will keep them comfortable and toasty. Whether it is a cat-face print or cat paws on the back of the top and shorts, the most important thing is that they feel good in it.

Cat Sleeping Mask

Last but not least, this product will go a long way if they have a problem falling asleep and need something that will isolate them from distraction and lights.


With hundreds of different relevant products on the market, choosing the right one shouldn’t be that hard as long as you have an idea of what they love. We did our best to showcase the coolest gift ideas for cat lovers, but now it is your turn to go ahead and make that ideal choice.

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